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Iris Dailey x En Route Jewelry





“What ever you feel called to...”

The crystal Moon&Mushroom collection is created with Iris Dailey. Imagine living by the moon & mushrooms, she believes we all can connect ourselves with the spirit & the universe.

Start the spiritual journey with us now.


🍄Q&A session with Iris Dailey🍄



Q: What are the tools we need in manifestation? What is the role of crystals in this process and how do you see their benefits in life?

A: Crystals amplify energy, for me they give my subconscious an anchor. If my intention is to keep my heart open, I can grab my rose quartz around my neck anytime & reconnect myself to that energy. I also love them in necklace form so I get to bring that energy to my throat & higher heart energy centers to speak/communicate from a place of love


Q: Name 3 ways you recommend to a beginner for elevating our spiritual consciousness 

A: What ever you feel called to. There are so many different tools we can use, meditation, crystals, tarot, astrology, psychedelics. Everyone has their own ways that resonate more deeply with them. Meditation is always a great beginner’s practice that can benefit everyone but your intuition & your soul will guide you to what you need in your journey first you just have to listen. Follow what interests or intrigues you.


Q: Is there any meaning behind the design elements ( moon, mushroom ) for the jewelry collection?

A: Living by the moon & mushrooms are how I connect the most deeply to my spirituality. Spirituality, to me, is really just connecting to myself & spirit & the universe (or whatever higher power you believe in). Living by the moon & elevating my consciousness have been the biggest parts of my journey back to myself.


Size Guide

Circumference (mm)
Ring Diameter (mm) US & Canada U.K. France Germany
49.3 15.7 5 J 1/2 49 15 3/4
51.9 16.5 6 L 1/2 51 1/2 16 1/2
54.4 17.3 7 N 1/2 54 17 1/4
57 18.1 8 P 1/2 56 3/4 18

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