When it comes to our BFFs, there’s nothing quite like them.

When it comes to our BFFs, there’s nothing quite like them. They’ve stuck by our sides through countless life changes, crazy break-ups, horrible bosses and fashion disasters. They know the ins and outs of how we think and usually can guess how we’ll react to pretty much anything before we do. Our besties totally keep us sane and help keep us grounded, day in and day out.

With the summer in full swing, our besties are definitely working their hardest and shining their brightest as we get out into the world to socialize. Whether you’re hanging out at a super fun beach bonfire, heading to your favorite karaoke bar for some super off-tune songs or hitting up the local hot eatery for some bites, this is the season for spending quality time with your squad.

And because they’re so absolutely amazing, it’s time to thank them in a special, meaningful way. Introducing best friend jewelry - the perfect custom concept to spoil all of your BFFs rotten. Jewelry for Besties is the perfect way to show your bestie just how much you appreciate them in a cute and stylish way that they’ll want to wear again and again.

Ready to get something special for your bestie(s)? Here are some of our favorite best friend jewelry styles to surprise them in all of the right ways.

1. For the statement-making BFF

Because who doesn’t want a totally custom piece with their name on it?

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2. For the sweetest besties

Fun, fruity and ready to wear anywhere.

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3. For the super glam BFFs

Because good friends and great style always go together.

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4. For the down for anything besties

From late night escapades to early morning hikes.

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5. For the lifelong BFF

You + them = besties forever.

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6. For the undeniably elegant bestie

Perfect for the fashion gurus.

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7. For the minimalist BFF

Sometimes less really is so much more.

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Which styles are you snagging for your BFFs?