Ready to find the perfect cute trendy jewelry?

While we are all about jewelry that we can wear forever, sometimes it’s nice to have something cute and trendy to reach for to really take your outfit up a notch. From eye-catching pearl necklaces to cool custom nameplate necklaces to 2000’s inspired pieces, we are totally obsessed with the latest trending styles.

Ready to find the perfect cute trendy jewelry to add to your collection? Here are some of our favorite styles to consider.

1. Pretty in pearls

Elevated yet totally easy to wear, pearl jewelry is one of our favorite trending styles of the moment. Whether it’s a cute pearl choker or a simple pearl chain, this style is definitely an essential for this season and beyond.

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2. Out of this world style

Playful with a modern feel, space-inspired pieces are one of our favorite cute trendy jewelry styles to add to your collection. From whimsical planetary earrings to bold gold star chokers, this aesthetic is the perfect way to take any outfit up a level.

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3. Vintage-inspired design

If you’re a lover of timeless style, this trending jewelry aesthetic is totally for you. These eye-catching pieces combine the best of classic Old Hollywood design with a cool modern twist that makes them perfect for adding to any look.

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4. Subtle pops of color

If you’re searching for the perfect understated cute trendy jewelry that you can wear with anything, this one will be your bread and butter. These stylish pieces feature subtle accents, such as shimmering gemstones or unexpected pops of bright colors.

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5. The new 2000's throwback

Totally obsessed with the 2000’s? We get it - we are, too. This cute trendy jewelry combines our favorite parts about the 00’s with contemporary influences that make them perfect for adding to any look to make a statement.

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6. Cool custom pieces

We’ll admit it - we’re definitely head over heels for custom jewelry. From customized name jewelry to cute best friend necklaces, this style let’s you get creative and make something that’s truly unique to you.

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