An Ode to Queen Elizabeth II Pearl Necklace (and the legacy it left)


First off, may Queen Elizabeth II rest in power and what’s a better way to celebrate her legacy then discussing the pearl impact.    What is the pearl impact, you ask? The Queen could never be seen without her three stranded pearl necklace.



Let’s be clear here - you wouldn’t see the Queen without her pearl set, it became her staple accessory (as it should, pearls are the *chic* choice and have become more accessible with freshwater pearls entering the scene.) According to someone in the royal circle, the pearl was used to “soften” bright colors, which the Queen was very fond of. 

Now, let’s talk about how the legacy began. Ps. who doesn’t like a lil history lesson (esp when it comes to jewelry) 

  • Not just pearls. For the majesty, it means something much more -  Her grandmother, Queen Mary, left her one of her favorite pairs of earrings, large single-button pearls with a tiny diamond affixed to each. Queen Victoria would give her a pearl piece every year until she turned eighteen. 
  • During Queen Victoria, her great-great-grandmother’s reign,  people around the world looked to prosperous England and its royal court for fashion inspiration and Victoria’s taste for jewelry with a “light, airy quality” and “an intensely romantic flavor,”



Can we talk about that green? The Queen loved bright colors and as mentioned before - the pearls softened the look but what really made it pop were her brooches and the pearl earring that accompanied the three-stranded classic design. 

Let’s just say she really knew how to rock it and thanks to her, this generation knows exactly what the staple piece should be in their closet. 

Would you save the three pearl necklace for a special occasion or redefine the idea of chic and formality by copping the gen z version of *the* pearl accessory? Yes, we’re talking about our freshwater pearl collection. 

How would you style a three stranded pearl necklace for this era?