Pre-Halloween Collection with with Vintage Jewelry Designed By Fashion Youtuber, Perfect For Revamping The Closet and Made with Love


September 22nd, 2021 --  New York -- Love evolves and so does our aesthetic. This fall, romance is in the air and on September 27th, en route’s launches a collection with Youtuber and Influencer, Nuria Ma that makes Cupid the new angel of style. Nuria designed each piece including angel earrings with the idea that beauty and style never goes out of style, like vintage jewelry. En route hopes that Gen Z will be hit with a bow and have the courage to elevate their accessories with romantic pearl rings and ruby gold plated necklaces. 

“En route is all about discovery. As we enter Spooky Season, we realize that Halloween doesn’t have to be the only time we play with what we wear.” Matilda Guo, en route Co-Founder, “Nuria’s designs can be the perfect additions like book necklaces and angel jewelry to any wardrobe that ignites a little creativity in a style revamp.” 

Nuria Ma, having over 350K followers on Instagram, is a true Creative. She understands how to capture the beauty of everyday life and she shares that with her subscribers on Youtube as well.  She is a member of Generation Z and as her style constantly evolves, she begins to understand the importance of romanticizing the idea that we don't have to stick to one aesthetic.  Ma’s designs are vintage and include a book necklace that is created with 18K gold plated brass, CZ stones and her angel necklace is made with pearls. This collection contrasts dark and bright colors and is filled with gold plated angels. 

As Halloween approaches, en route is excited to continue being the best online jewelry store and be the home for the next generation of girls looking to kick start their new aesthetic. Discovery in fashion is all about playing with new designs, Nuria’s collection finds the passion in figuring out each girl’s new style.  En route is a mindful jewelry brand from NYC with ethical practices and the space for Gen Z to find romantic inspired designs. 


en route is a mindful jewelry brand with accessible, sensual and original designs like the Safety Pin earring and the Baroque Necklace for the modern girl. A space of discovery and upholding values, en route creates designs that uplift the voices of the next generation of dreamers. Created by two best friends who wanted to afford jewelry that showed the world who they were and what they believed in.