The Best Online Jewelry Store Collabs with Youtuber, Blair Walnuts to Inspire Self Love 




August 12, 2021 -- New York, NY -- As summer comes to a close, en route jewelry partners with Blair Walnuts, Youtuber and Influencer, to design their latest collection. The New York mindful jewelry brand with ethical practices partners up with the official hot girl to ignite self love and body appreciation. As the summer festivities come to an end, en route calls all hot girls to elevate their natural beauty with body chain necklaces and baby blue gems. 


It’s more than Blair Walnuts x en route and it’s more than the baby pink packaging. en route, who’s been coined the best online jewelry store, is also the home for unique and Gen Z inspired designs. Walnuts embodies the “hot girl” and having a “hot girl summer.” As those terms originated from Megan Thee Stallion, it’s literally someone who feels confident in who they are. Walnuts believes that all hot girls should wear accessories that match their confidence. 


“Summer isn’t over just yet and self love is forever. Blair’s designs are fresh, summer inspired and go with any bikini.” Matilda Guo, en route Co-Founder, “we are so excited to collaborate with Blair and we love the Body Chain Necklaces she designed. They are perfect for the girl who champions body positivity and wants to share who she really is to the world.” 


Blair’s collection has 18k gold plated brass and CZ stone pieces like the Blair Bracelet with it’s baby blue and angel white gems. It’s also filled with rings and Ear Cuffs with emerald green and CZ stones that are inspired by New York City. Walnuts, a travel Influencer and someone who champions self-love by being on a yacht and wearing a bikini, is excited to share her new world of design. She hopes that all girls end the summer by loving their true self by wearing her new body chain. 


en route, created by two best friends, design affordable pieces by price matching and actively work towards creating an ethical work environment. The brand began with the romantic idea - that discovery is found through original and daring thinking. This is the summer for all hot girls to join the revolution of self-love, if they haven’t already. 


En Route is a mindful jewelry brand with accessible, sensual and original designs like the Safety Pin earring and the Baroque Necklace for the modern girl. A space of discovery and upholding values, en route creates designs that uplift the voices of the next generation of dreamers. Created by two best friends who wanted to afford jewelry that showed the world who they were and what they believed in.