New York Influencer and En Route, The Best Online Jewelry Store, Collabs for Tik Tok Trends Inspired Collection 

November 6, 2021 -- New York, NY -- What would happen if Y2K and Academia had a baby? On November 6th, En route, the best online jewelry store collaborates with Youtuber and Influencer Fernanda Ramirez and launches the “Fernanda” Collection. Fernanda designs youthful, funky and refreshing pieces that mix and match aesthetics and kickstarts a fashion rebellion. 

Style forward thinking starts with having a rebellious nature, which is easy with the Fernanda launch as the designs play with current fashion trends. Academia emerging from Tik Tok for those seeking Ivy-League style and themes like optimism, friendship, motivation, and happy endings, the Queen of Hearts Necklace and Bracelet screams modern academia. We can’t fight the Y2K wave - and en route is not trying too. Kidcore and nostalgia is all the rage these days and the In Bloom Bracelet, Cloud 9 Ring and the Lover Girl Waistchain

“In the past couple of years Gen Z and Tik Tok has emerged with all these new aesthetics. There’s light academia, dark academia, cottagecore.” Matilda Guo, Co-Founder, “And we absolutely love it. We want en route to be the place where this generation discovers their style. Being constricted to one aesthetic is so ten years ago. The Fernanda Collection allows you to remix who you are without breaking the bank.”

En route launches the affordable collection “Fernanda”  in Scorpio Season right in time for last minute gifts, designs are made with 18k gold-plated brass, natural pearl, and resin. Discovery in fashion is all about playing with new designs, Fernanda’s collection is for the rebellious youth finding themselves.  En route is a mindful jewelry brand from NYC with ethical practices and the space for Gen Z to figure out their own aesthetic. 


en route is a mindful jewelry brand with accessible, sensual and original designs like the Safety Pin earring and the Baroque Necklace for the modern girl. A space of discovery and upholding values, en route creates designs that uplift the voices of the next generation of dreamers. Created by two best friends who wanted to afford jewelry that showed the world who they were and what they believed in.