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Jessie Chen's Picks

     Hello, my name is Jessie and I am an aspiring actor at NYU who is also passionate about fashion and beauty. Starting from a young age, I loved to play dress up and wear my mother's jewelry when she was out for work. I loved how jewelry could accentuate basic looks, and I believe that focusing on the details of an outfit can curate a narrative of who you are. I have picked out a couple of pieces from En Route to tell my story.



Lucky Clover Necklace: This girly piece can elevate any white blouses or floral dresses in the spring/summer seasons. It reminds people to stay hopeful and hold on to their lucky four-leaved clover.





Liliana Floral Earrings: The pearl which gives these earrings a classy feel is topped by a cute flower that reminds me of a little girl. I will always go for these when I want to appear mature but deny the fact that I will always be a child at heart.






Tear Vessel Earrings: I love the bold design of these earrings, and they will elevate almost any outfit ranging from blazer-work casual styles to the LA Cali style. The tears vessels kind of duplicate the delicate space that I have hidden away from others to give time for self-healing or reflection.





Size chart

Circumference Ring Size
49.3mm 5
51.8mm 6
54.5mm 7
56.9mm 8
59.5mm 9

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