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not you - campaign header

This is a love story.
Where boy meets girl.
Boy falls in love with girl.
And girl falls in love with… as if!
Baby, I love myself!
Sure, we’d have fun.
I have fun with me too.
But I’ve got some me shit to do.
See me dripping with jewels that say I am enough.
This story is about the truest kinda love.
Where me, myself & these sparkles will live happily ever after.
Because it’s not about you, baby.
It’s all about me.

Not you campaign banner

Carnelian Love

So you wanna pop my cherry?
’Cause my carnelian stone is giving me all the right feels.
Uuuugh, a party? As if.
Tonight, I am pleasuring me.
And I think I’ll have another lick.

Not you campaign banner

Green With Desire

I give myself permission not to care I’m missing out.
Tonight is all about me, myself and my jewelry.
My jade brings in the light.
And in the mirror, look at me shine,

Not you campaign banner

Selfish Pleasure

He wants me there. But I’ve heard he wants a lot of girls.
Sure, he’s cute.
But I’m feeling…
So, I’m staying here.
Having my own selfish pleasure.
I know my own worth,
and I don’t need no boy for that.

Not you -campaign banner

Married To Myself

Forget all about him.
This collection is all that I need.
And tonight, I am the most important relationship I have. It’s not you, it’s me.

$51.99 USD (-20% Rabatt) $65.00 USD
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$23.99 USD (-20% Rabatt) $30.00 USD
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$43.99 USD (-20% Rabatt) $55.00 USD
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